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If you’re yet to ‘Fall in Love’ with US rapper Goldlink, then the 23-year-old’s jazzy new track will have you doing just that. “To love and keep quiet was the greatest punishment I brought on myself,” he wrote in the description for the tune that hit SoundCloud a few days ago. If this track is the alternative to keeping quiet, we’re pretty happy he decided to make some noise instead. This tune makes for a pretty loaded collab, with bars from Ciscero and an all-too-funky beat from Kaytranada and BadBadNotGood, who co-produced the track.

Reflecting on the woes of falling for someone seldom sounds this good, but the stellar vibes from the pan-flutes combine with the A1 beat completely distract us from the fact Goldlink is trying to warn us that he’s ‘bad for everybody.’

This isn’t the first time we’ve copped some Kaytranada magic and Goldlink finesse on the same track, with ‘Together’ scoring the young rapper a spot on 99.9%—not to mention Kayranada’s work producing Goldlink’s ‘Sober Thoughts’ and ‘Celebration Freestyle’. Yep, it seems that the more we hear from this XXL 2015 Freshman, the better it gets. And just really to make your day, Kaytranada guarantees he’ll be delivering more fire in due time with the three-piece from the 6, BadBadNotGood.


Ready or not, we’re pretty keen to hear what they’re cooking up. In the meantime, give ‘Fall In Love’ a play (or ten) below.

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