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Kendrick Lamar holds secret show, invites audience members to use the mic

Watch the moment Kendrick discovers underground talent

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So, Kendrick Lamar hosted a secret Brooklyn show, in collaboration with American Express, and it was Facebook Live streamed onto the web. Just casually.

In true Kendrick style, he absolutely killed his set. But perhaps the most unexpected part of the show came from an underground artist known as Kemba. Kendrick invited some audience members onto the stage to hold the mic. After some hits and misses, Kemba arose from the darkness, absolutely obliterating an acapella freestyle. Kendrick’s response? “My god. Make some motherfucking noise for Kemba, man,” he said afterwards onstage. “He is kickin’ some real motherfucking shit. Keep going for that real shit, keep going… Kemba, remember that motherfuckin’ name.” You could say he was impressed.

Without further ado, here’s the Kendrick Lamar concert you probably wanted to be at. FYI, Kemba comes in at roughly the 30:00 mark. To check out Kemba’s work, take a look at his SoundCloud here. There’s too much talent in this video. We can’t handle this.

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