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Not long after the internet caught fire from Kendrick’s last song release, ‘The Heart Part IV’, The King has blessed us all once again with a visual for the brand new track, ‘HUMBLE.’. While his previous offering had fans hanging on every low-key shade and beat switch, the new one goes straight for the kill from the beginning – which is many fans’ preferred mode as far as K.Dot bars goes.

Working with celebrated music video director Dave Meyers, the clip is epic, even by Kendrick proportions. It’s a perfect mix of the rapper’s humble beginnings, and his love for his home town, and everything that has come along with his hard-earned icon status. Whether it’s wearing papal robes in church and sitting in Jesus’ seat at the Last Supper, or riding his bike around the neighbourhood, Kendrick continues to own his space and the world is here for it.

Kendrick stans are now pretty keen to see what else he has in store for the new album and how exactly these two new tracks sit in the inevitable sonic narrative but there is no doubting that the self-professed greatest rapper alive is coming for that title pretty hard this time around. Watch (and re-watch) the video for ‘HUMBLE.’ above and set your Google alerts for more Kendrick Lamar news in the lead-up to April 7.

Weekly updates