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Kllo’s new music video ‘Walls to Build’ schools us on aesthetic

A visually appealing clip from the all-too-cool Melbourne duo

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We went off when Melbourne duo Kllo realised their track ‘Bolide’ a little while back, and now their new song ‘Walls to Build’ that dropped a month ago has visuals to match. The song itself took some time to perfect, and anyone who has ever made anything can relate to the struggle of saving a document thinking with absolute certainty that ‘yep, this is the last one’. Then, of course, you make one change, and then 28 versions later you might finally have the finished product.

Since their breakthrough EP Cusp, this Melbourne synth-pop-duo have been warming our hearts with their perky and poppy tunes, that stand as music that can comfortably be chucked on repeat – which explains why they’ve been clocking up the plays on SoundCloud. With their sophomore EP in the works and a national tour coming up, it’s all happening for young Simon Lam and Chloe Kaul. This track comes off their upcoming EP Well Worn, and if this tune sets the precedent, then we are definitely here for the drop on August 5. The A1 video for the track itself is directed and edited by Hamish Mitchell. The clip is more aesthetic than we’d believe possible, but then again they’re from Melbourne so really what else would you expect?

Check out the calming clip in the gallery above and stay woke for the EP.

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