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Kwame Unpacks his Breakout Single ‘WOW’ in Spotify’s ‘Starting Point’ Series

Using the home studio where his own career began, Kwame wants to bring his community together.

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Starting Point is a Spotify series produced in collaboration with Complex and Acclaim. It follows four young Australian rap acts from their flagship A1 Hip-Hop playlist to the places they feel most creative, where we hear the stories behind their breakout tracks. First up, Sydney’s Kwame talks ‘WOW’.

It’s getting harder and harder to call Kwame an up-and-comer. He made a huge splash last year with his Endless Conversations. EP, where he flexed his production chops and rap dexterity over fiery, bass heavy bangers like ‘WHO DAT’ and slow and smooth tracks like ‘COFFEE’. The dense, diverse musical palette in which Kwame uses to create art has helped him accumulate over 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, as well as land support slots for artists like RL Grime and Skepta.

In the first instalment of Starting Point, we join Kwame in the home studio where he recorded breakout single ‘WOW’. He talks everything from his first reaction to landing on the A1 Hip-Hop playlist, to his mission to put the multicultural voices of Australia on the global stage.

Check out the first episode of Starting Point above, and listen to more Kwame in the A1 Hip-Hop playlist below.

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