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Weekly updates

Been enjoying that new ‘Swimming Pools’ track by Kendrick Lamar? Well, guess what. You and Lady Gaga now have something in common. Last week ‘Mother Monster’ *crinnnnge* tweeted that she was a huge fan of the rapper. Then, yesterday fresh off her international tour, Lady Gaga went and solidified that love by watching his set during Day 3 of the Pitchfork Music Festival. Oh and they just happen to be on the same label, Interscope. Not a coincidence at all really.

Gaga has often been vocal with her music tastes, which generally (admittedly, to my delight) have received less than reciprocal responses from the artists. She wanted to collaborate with art rap group Die Antwoord, who rejected the request with the brutally awesome comment of “We like making pop music and hardcore music at the same time, mixing the two. But it’s got soul in it, and then it’s got a lot of layers. It’s powerful. It’s not like weak, superficial shit.”

Gaga also wanted Cut Copy to be her support act back in her early beginnings of mainstream popularity, which the band were “simultaneously repulsed but also tantalized” by according to the lead singer.

And the iconic Grace Jones famously rejected working with the pop artist with this eloquently cunty response… “I just prefer to work with someone who is more original and someone who is not copying me, actually.” ZING!

But it looks as though Gaga has finally found and friend and collaborator in Lamar, who recently made a comment on their friendship, saying that she is “a real good friend… a real good friend,” When asked about a possible collaboration, he responded with: “God willing …. for now I just like the friendship thing.”

Well if it means some ‘little monsters’ *again, cringgggge* might be turned on to enjoying rap music that sits outside of the usual pop-rap-dance fodder, I suppose it’s not a bad thing but I certainly hope the collab works out a little bit better than Gaga’s last foray into hip-hop….

She doesn’t sound like MIA at all, really. *Eye roll*