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Weekly updates

In 2015, aboard a Virgin Galactic ship, Lady Gaga will perform just one song, making her the first artist to sing in space.

It’s part of Zero G Colony, the ‘galactic music experience’ festival happening in New Mexico at Spaceport America. Gaga is set to perform on the third day at dawn.

She’ll have to undergo a month of vocal training to get used to the atmosphere, and will be bringing an entourage of earthlings including hair and makeup artists.

I always thought if one singer was sent into space first it would be the Starman himself, Bowie. But, oh well – he’s probably a bit old now.

Apparently Justin Bieber and Katy Perry have signed up for a ride on the Virgin Galactic when it launches as well. We can only hope they find a remote planet to stay on.

This kinda makes sense though, Gaga seems pretty keen to make us think she’s from outer space anyway, as the collected photographic evidence above shows. (I may have tampered with one.) Maybe this is her way of getting back home?

Hannah Scholte