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Weekly updates

By now you would have seen Lady Gaga’s celebrated campaign for Versace Spring 2014 where she looks just a tad like Donatella. The pics were everything you’ve come to expect from the Italian couture house; glossy, shiny and blonde. Well, it looks like it took more than a couple of photoshop fairies to get it that way, as the unretouched photographs from the campaign have hit the interwebs and yes, of course I found these via Jezebel, the internet’s unofficial retouching police unit.

Now to be fair, Gaga doesn’t even look that bad, she just looks normal. Is that really a crime? Surely not. But it will no doubt make women sigh a collective, ahhhh of satisfaction knowing that she was not born this way (sorry) when it comes to being Versace campaign ready. But who is? Honestly! Is looks as though there has been a bunch of colour correction, contrast has been upped to the ying yang (official design term), bruising on her knees has been removed and her arms slimmed down.

Take a look at the unretouched shots above, and view the finished campaign images also for reference.