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Parsons, the same prestigious Manhattan design college that saw Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang and Tom Ford go from design student nobodies to fashion industry heavyweights recently presented their annual student graduate collections in New York City. Amongst a crowd of design hopefuls shone one particular graduate, who showcased a range inspired by none other than rapper and human meme, the Based God Lil B. The Nashville-born Parsons graduate Isabel Simpson-Kirsch focused her entire senior collection, ‘BASED’, on the rapper’s message that helped her overcome frustrations during her schooling, explaining that the Based God not only inspired the collection’s design components but “the attitude required to finish it”.

“As corny as that sounds, that’s what the Lil B stuff is to me,” she told The Fader“It’s just straight up positivity, love and happiness. And I love that and I love his music. I was like, I’m just gonna do an entire Lil B collection and they’re gonna have to deal with it. That’s what I did and everyone loved it. I definitely got it across.”

Browse the collection above which features Lil B’s face Photoshopped onto the bodies of various Gods and Goddesses plastered across dresses, skirts, shorts, t-shirts and shoes.

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