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Limit’d Editions: Kllo are playing the long game

Adding an extra L to their name was step one

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Kllo, formerly known as Klo, did what many people avoid doing and took an extra L. It was for the sake of their Google image results, though, as they found out ‘Klo’ is actually German slang for ‘toilet’. With global domination in mind Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam made the necessary change and haven’t looked back.

The Melbourne duo has since released their signature UK garage and R&B tinged electronica on Ghostly International. The cousins, who were never all that close, started making music off the back of a suggestion from their mothers. Their first time performing together was at one mother’s 50th birthday party. It isn’t quite the story you’d expect from a pair bringing their music to stages across the UK and Europe all before the release of their debut album, but speaks volumes about their natural chemistry.

For those who don’t know your music, how would you describe Kllo?

We are a duo from Melbourne. We listen to a lot of R&B and garage and we like making music that incorporates those genres.

What’s it like working together?

We’re cousins so it’s a really relaxed working environment. We get along and have very few tiffs but it can get a bit strenuous at times because we are both perfectionists and need someone else to tell us when a song is finished. Neither of us are very good at knowing when to stop working on a track.

You are yet to release new music in 2017. When is it coming and what can we expect?

It will start its release mid this year and hopefully we’ll have it all out by the last quarter of the year. We have been spending a lot of time on this album, so it’ll be a weight off our shoulders once it’s out into the open.

And all of it was recorded in Simon’s bungalow?

At the moment—yes. Lots of birds, planes, and possums have made the cut into the recordings.

There are usually great remixers on your tracks—you’ve recently had the Mall Grab and Lone treatment. Are there any remixers you’re looking to work with in the future?

Four Tet, Jacques, or Andrés would be cool.

Are there any artists that you aspire to be like?

There are bits and pieces we draw from other artists that have definitely helped shape our sound. We’ve learnt that we can’t make music as good as the artists we look up too. They have their own individual sound. We’re much better at being ourselves.

Where do you want Kllo to be in five years?

Hopefully touring the world and sharing our music beyond Simon’s bungalow.

What do you want readers to take away from this interview?

Don’t ruin a good thing by trying to perfect it; you’ll over complicate it for yourself.

Watch Limit’d Editions featuring Kllo below:

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This feature originally appeared in the May issue of Limit’d. Kllo wears New Balance, Topshop, Topman, Uniqlo and Diesel.

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