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I must have missed a memo because apparently senzu beans (those magic energy pills in Dragonball Z) is rap slang for adderal now. That’s awesome.

In fact, there’s very little about this three-way musical effort that isn’t awesome. The Harlem Shake producer’s balls-out beat dodges every opportunity to fall back on the populist formula and the vocal efforts from both Aluna and Rae camps are balanced and pitched perfectly against the instrumental backdrop.

It’s the first single off Baauer’s upcoming EP entitled ß. The five track album drops on November 4 and features a remix of One Touch. We haven’t heard it yet, but based on the track list, it looks like it cuts out the Rae Sremmurd spot in favour of a more AlunaGeorge heavy sound.

Also, what’s with that cover art? Cryptic metaphor or aesthetic oversaturation? Either way, it’s pretty as hell and sometimes that’s all that matters.

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