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Weekly updates

R&B newcomer BOY/FRIEND has just released a new single, ‘Theme Song’. Getting to the heart of his name, BOY/FRIEND attempts to win over a woman with wooing lyrics, and tackles the age-old dilemma of being friendzoned:

“I’ll always be your boy slash friend”

Produced by MNTN, the track follows on from BOY/FRIEND’s 8-track debut Leather Weather released in April last year.

The New York native, born Shan Poo, is fairly new to the R&B scene, but he’s already drawing comparisons to Frank Ocean and The Weeknd. BOY/FRIEND has several upcoming shows in the US, and ‘Theme Song’ is out now on Betteryet Recordings. Take a listen to the track below, or head to BOY/FRIEND’s website to find out more.