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Weekly updates

The DRTY SHDWS PRJKT, a Brisbane-centred label focused around emergent electronic music, has just claimed its fifth release in the form of Carl’s debut EP Hyperfresh. The eight track collection is rich in 140bpm rhythms and totes enough synth fuzz to clog an industrial lint filter. The whole thing kind of reminds me of a re-interpretation of the sort of sounds that came out of DFA Records in the early days. That is right up until the track ‘Collapse’ when Carl shifts into fifth gear and puts some real dirt in the bass.

The EP is live right now on DRTY SHDWS’ Bandcamp for the sum of as-much-as-you-want so give it a listen above and if you like what you hear, snatch it up. Just make sure you drop a couple of PayPal coins in the coffer if you really enjoy it. After all, just because Carl’s dropping chunky, nutritious beats doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to eat sometimes.

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