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Weekly updates

This week’s hip hop releases have transported me back to when I was 17, first with Killa Cam’s return to form with his A-Trak/Just Blaze assisted throwback Dipsh*ts, now Lil Wayne has dropped a gem that brings back the excitement he created during his Mixtape Weezy run.

Although Weezy’s been sitting comfortably for a while now regardless of the quality of his output (which has been terrible), it seems like the critics have finally gotten to the YMCMB ringleader. He has finally woken from his skateboard/sizzurp-induced slumber and has stepped up his game in recent months. Yesterday he released the celebratory D’usse produced by Lee Majors, and to the rejoice for long-suffering fans, Lil Wayne is sounding as hungry as he was during the 04-07 period when it felt like he was putting out classic material weekly.

Alongside his appearances on the Young Money: Rise of an Empire album a couple months ago that were surprisingly dope and the Drake-led Believe Me,  this new track has made C5 the first Lil Wayne album I’ll be looking forward to hearing in years, rather than the usual facepalm reaction I’ve gotten used to ever since that Rebirth fuckeryD’usse could just be a false glimmer of hope, but at this stage I’m willing to clutch onto anything Weezy-related that isn’t complete garbage or moonboots related.