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Digital downloads have been making music sales hard in recent years. When a mixtape is released, it’s usually available on the net for free within a few hours. But what can you do to encourage fans to buy your mixtape? Only what any forward-thinking artists would do: release it on a USB vaporiser.

Chicago EDM producer duo Flosstradamus have made their BNNED 3D mixtape available in hard form via a 8GB USB. The product also features a vaporiser, which is advertised as being perfect for “your favourite oils,” and comes with directions that it’s “intended to be used with aromatherapy herbs.” They’re really taking this banned thing seriously.

Aromatherapy aside, the mixtape comes as the third instalment in the popular BANNED series, delivering more heavy trap beats. Details of the tracklist have not yet been released but at 32 minutes long, it features Mr Carmack, RiFF RAFF and others.

Take a listen to the entire mixtape below, or head to the official website to find out more.

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