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For those of you who headed up to Lake Mountain for Paradise Music Festival in November last year, you probably not only remember the breathtaking landscapes, impressive lineup and general good vibes – but you probably also remember Banoffee‘s Saturday evening set. I know I do.

I had only just risen from the floor of our tent after spending the most part of my day longing to join in on the distant beats and not-so-distant/not-so-quiet hacky sack game that was taking place 1 inch from my head (or so it felt that way) – instead I spent all day exhausting my water supply and trying my hardest to move as little as possible. So when I finally decided that it was time to rejoin the festival experience, I was delighted to find that Banoffee would be kick starting my Saturday night with her dreamy vocals and admirably modest stage presence.

After beginning her set and drawing a crowd that didn’t seem to exist 5 minutes prior, the fresh-faced Melbourne artist was confronted with some technical difficulties after attempting to perform a new track – so she instead decided to drop a cover of Frank Ocean’s ‘I Miss You’. She killed it with buttery vocals and a super simple keyboard backing… a most perfect introduction to what would be a blurry night for the rest of us.

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