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Jaden Smith garners exasperated eye-rolls from nigh on everybody who knows he exists. While he has indeed said some stupid things (like you didn’t at his age), his growth as a musician is satisfying to watch. From the cringe-inducing but talent-flaunting track ‘The Coolest’, to the semi-grown snippet that is ‘Fast’, to his recently dropped Beast Mode with Ta-ku that shows he has some next level collaborative acumen for a teen in the states. In all his work, you can spot his influences and incremental improvements which is exactly what music fans love to see in an artist.

Yesterday he dropped an offering called ‘Offering’ on Twitter, saying that “One day….we will all understand”. I don’t know if we ever will understand the existential vibe he and his sister are on but he raps with welcomed transparency. The song addresses the gripes of young fame while referencing a dozen sources of pop culture imagery and shouting out his dad for being a bawse since that’s undisputed fact.

It’s not his best song, but it’s nice to see him on the road to making it. Stream it here:

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