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Kacy Hill is the next big thing to come out of Kanye West’s label G.O.O.D. Music, following stints as an American Apparel model and dancer. The Arizona born singer/songwriter was performing as a backup dancer on Ye’s 2013-14 Yeezus tour when somebody handed her unofficial single ‘Experience’ to Kanye, immediately signing the 21-year-old singer. Kacy has just released her debut EP Bloo, which has an exciting sound similar to the R&B/electronica style of FKA Twigs and Tinashé, receiving much love from triple J. Recently, we asked Kacy to share her top 10 songs of the moment, to get to know her a little better by what she’s vibing to. You can check out her playlist, as well as her latest video for ‘Foreign Fields’, in the gallery above.

Kacy Hill’s EP Bloo is available now

COIN – ‘Run’
I am a massive fan of any 90s/early 00’s alternative rock, and “Run” gives me the same feeling of honest uptempo energy that I got from bands of that era. It’s refreshing to hear a band. I like that. And this song is great.

Hudson Mohawke Ft. Antony – ‘Indian Steps’
I listened to “Indian Steps” like ten times in a row when Hudson Mohawke came out with his full length, “Lantern”, and it is still an absolute favorite. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with Antony’s resonant voice, and it pushes Hudson Mohawke to a beautifully cinematic territory that I cannot get enough of.

Tom Misch Ft. Zak Abel – ‘Beautiful Escape’
Tom Misch is a gem. His “Beat Tape 2” is one of my favorite pieces of music to chill out to, and “Beautiful Escape” is a surprising jammer off a more subdued collection of beats. I love it.

Perfume Genius – ‘Fool’
There are few words to describe the degree of greatness in everything Perfume Genius creates. “Fool” is the real deal, groovy and vibey and heartfelt and one of those songs that disrupts your day in the best way possible.

Curtis Harding – ‘Keep On Shining’
Thank you, Curtis Harding, for this song. I generally spend every Sunday mopping my floor and dancing to this song because it is so fantastic and gets me going.

Borns – ‘Dug My Heart’
Borns’ debut album, “Dopamine” is one of my favorite releases in the last twenty one centuries. Production is impeccable, songwriting is annoyingly great, and Borns makes it all seem easy. “Dug My Heart” is one of my favorites from the album.

Jack Garratt – ‘Weathered’
Jack is King. There is nothing he can’t do. “Weathered” is just another example of his superhuman abilities.

Gallant & Zhu – ‘Testarossa Music’
I’m a huge fan of Gallant, and I think the duo was able to tap into a funk groove that still carries the signature of Gallant’s impeccable falsetto and Zhu’s bouncy electronic beats.

Duke Dumont – ‘Ocean Drive’
“Ocean Drive” perfectly embodies the coolness of house music that Duke has zoned in on. Song is incredible, it’s rare to find dance-y music that is also a well-written song.

VÉRITÉ – ‘Wasteland’
Absolutely love the movement that picks up in this chorus, her voice glides with effortless power above the pumping percussion.