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Weekly updates

The saddest struggle rapper in the game, bar Yung Lean, Little Pain has just dropped his video for Suicide Watch, and mixtape When Thugz Cry.

Drake started us from the bottom of rapping about feelings. We’re sick of hearing rappers rap about how they have heaps more possessions and money and bitches than other rappers. We know that. We want to hear about your pain, #strugz and depression so that we know that you are just like us. I’m more likely to wake up with a soaking pillow from sobbing in my sleep than in a new Bugatti.

Noisey had Little Pain break down the #sadtape of the year by Feeling.

“Suicide Watch” – Anger
“SMH” – Pain
“Reggie Interlude” – High
“High Cry” – Still High
“Mr. Friend Zone/S.I.M.P.” – Hurt
“Broke Boyz Freestyle” – Free
“Got No Money” – Love
“Love Tears” – Booty
“Weepers” – Unity
“Big Pain Tribute” – Distraught
“Dark Clouds” – Lost
“Cried Outro” – Sentimental

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