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Weekly updates

Mac DeMarco probably has an award for “World’s Most Loved Human” or something to that effect. He is probably one of the only people who can say something like “I shit my pants this morning” and still have girls squeal their precious little hearts relentlessly at him, with unadulterated love. I can confirm that this actually happened, but can not confirm whether I was one of these squealing girls.

Canada’s sweetheart, king of jizz jazz, creator of jizz jazz. Whatever you love him for, he’s bringing you one more reason to love him on August 7 when he releases his “mini-LP”, entitled Another One. I know, I know – August 7 is a long time to wait for the summer-inducing guitar riffs and a voice characterised by pure love, so the Canadian prince has pulled through with one track off the upcoming release, ‘The Way You’d Love Her’. The track is reminiscent of his earlier work on Rock and Roll Night Club, with hazy vocals and sliding riffs.

Another One tracklist:

01 The Way You’d Love Her
02 Another One
03 No Other Heart
04 Just Put Me Down
05 A Heart Like Hers
06 I’ve Been Waiting For Her
07 Without Me
08 My House by the Water

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