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This year Nicki Minaj has made it clear she’s returning back to basics with her forthcoming record The Pinkprint – leaving behind the radio-friendly pop persona that made her into a global household name during the Pink Friday era in favour for that raw, unabashed Nicki we were introduced to back in the mixtape days. ‘Yasss Bish!!’ is the latest teaser to drop from the rapper’s highly anticipated third LP, and it follows in the same staunching footsteps of the previously released ‘Lookin Ass Nigga’, ‘Chi-Raq’ and her remix of PTAF’s ‘Boss Ass Bitch’.

Produced by Soulja Boy, who also features on that repetitive and insanely catchy two-word chorus, ‘Yasss Bish!!’ sees Minaj gunning for anyone and everyone in her way – even finding time to throw shade at Donald Sterling on the line, “I don’t fuck with you niggas, I own the Clippers”. Her manic, bipolar flow is completely unwavering, and when she tells us “I am the queen bee, ’cause I’m a machine,” her claim to the throne becomes pretty irrefutable.

Minaj’s ongoing assault on the rap game doesn’t look like it’ll slow down soon, either, announcing on this track that her next round will fire in just two weeks from now. Relevant:


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