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Well and truly out of the closet prison in which he was once trapped R&B legend R. Kelly presents us with his 12th solo offering – Black PantiesFeaturing Jeezy, Ludacris and everyone’s favourite ‘Tity Boi’ 2 Chainz, the album is a sensuous mix of black satin and glistening gold for the ears.

From the get-go Kelly goes for it – hard. He makes legs shake, turns delicious Oreos into a back-of-the-school-bus style double entendre (I’ll never be able to eat an Oreo in front of a lady again) and there is one track called ‘Show Ya Pussy’ which is kind of self-explanatory, but makes me wonder what ever happened to that great catchcry of schoolies week ‘show us ya tits!’. Have we actually arrived at the point where going straight for the cookie without the milk is acceptable?

If I remember my youth correctly (and I seldom forget something as important as how to eat an Oreo) it is that milk was a necessary part of the Oreo experience and as such should be treated with the same reverence as the Oreo itself.

In short, eat your Oreos to this album, but don’t forget to dunk – a dry Oreo is an unhappy Oreo. Oh and it comes with a bonus pair of black panties to keep your Oreos in – how cool is that! Have a listen below.

William Miller

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