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In the last year or so, meme-rapper RiFF RAFF has done the following: released a polarising album, announced a lawsuit against the creators of Spring Breakers, and started working with Harmony Korine on a book based on his tweets. It’s fair to say that Horst Christian Simco, as he was christened, is quickly clawing his way into pop-culture icon status.

In his latest bout of multi-media assaults, RiFF has taken to sprinkling dashes of his idiosyncratic lyricism over an array of delicious mainstream hits. Recently he made his way with Katy Perry’s ‘This Is How We Do’ to pretty impressive results and his latest target is the hottest song of the moment: Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’. This LA Leakers remix is definitely worth three minutes of your time, if at the very least for its next-level weirdness and descriptive genius. It’s yet to be seen what Minaj thinks of the remix in which Riff Raff states she has ”Ass cheeks like two volleyballs.”

James Ruklis

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