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Rome Fortune just won’t slow down. The prolific rapper has added even more collaborators to his expansive resumé with SuicideYear and outthepound thrown onto his heaped pile of production credits.

Trap Lady may not have the same cloudy aura as the post-dubstep beats Rome reps on his work with Four Tet and FKi, but the machine gun rhythm and syrup-thick vocals more than makes up for the tonal shift. This might be Rome Fortune’s first earnest attempt at a radio song with its high clarity hook and club-ready subject content – you could almost be forgiven for thinking it’s just an unnaturally good Jason Derulo piece. Almost.

The Soundcloud description suggests this isn’t a one off track as a trio but its unclear exactly what else is imminent.

In true Rome Fortune fashion, Trap Lady is available for download for free on his Soundcloud.

Finn Houlihan

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