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Weekly updates

Fly High Society founding member SertOne has joined forces with Aussie singer
Maribelle for ‘Lost & Found’, released on Feel Good Lost on March 09.

SertOne explains that it originally started  an instrumental (the ‘Firewerks’ version, included on the release): “The track began with me messing around with some synth pads and trying to recreate tape flutter and distortion. I was trying to create something that had a lot of contrast.” But it changed once the Liverpool-based producer sent the beat to Maribelle: “The tempo and getting the track vocal-ed was something new for me. I got excited about the track as soon as Maribelle sent back her first draft.”

The result is a soaring slice of R&B that is equal parts chill-out and banging, rolling-drums dance-floor groove.

Maribelle’s debut solo EP will be dropping later this year, check her facebook for details.