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Out of the depths of the UK rap scene, grime legend Skepta has been busy preparing for the release of his forthcoming album #Konnichiwa. With its release date pushed back, Skepta has come through Sorry 4 the Wait-style and dropped a fresh new single entitled ‘Shutdown’, which features Drake in the intro and outro. The track, which he produced with Ragz Originale, is simplistic enough for Skepta to let his bars do the talking and reinforce his place in the rap game.

The hype around Skeptas latest release comes after his appearance at the Brit Awards, performing his brand new single ‘All Day’ alongside Kanye West and an Instagram shoutout from Drizzy, giving props to the British rapper. In a recent interview with Fadar, the MC explained that he hopes his album will help promote the Brit-rap scene and give Britain recognition as “as just another place that raps.”

You can stream Skeptas latest single ‘Shutdown’ below.

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