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The Life of Pablo is pretty much the biggest thing in the musical world right now, from Taylor Swift disses and Kanye West announcing his $53 million debt, to him asking old Mark Zuckerberg for a cool $1 billion investment into Kanye West ideas. With any hugely popular movement in the internet, pop culture or music world, comes usually, great comedy. Anyone remember ‘Hotline Bling’? That song Drake did with the dancing and all that. You probably didn’t hear about it. But a few people made some funny videos from it..

Anyway, some genius has decided to mash up two of the world’s greatest performers. Jerry Seinfeld and Kanye West, not just any Kanye West song though, the self-affirming ode to himself ‘I Love Kanye’ meets the slapping bass intro of most people’s (and one Melbourne bar’s) favourite ’90s TV show.


  • Words: Jack Cain

Weekly updates