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Weekly updates

This mixtape came out yesterday so I’m by no means ‘hot off the press’ with this one but the benefit of the slow posting is that I’ve given it a day’s worth of listening and can actually recommend it rather than just posting it like a mindless drone.

I’d never heard of this dude PartyNextDoor before, but he’s a signee to Drake’s OVOSound imprint and he’s a 19 year old Canadian singer/rapper and has been likened to The Weeknd. Some argue he’s perhaps a little too much like The Weeknd but at any rate it’s some chill, sexy vibez for those who are on that IRNB tip (Intelligent RnB, and yes I made that genre up). Drake features on one of the tracks Over Here which is a stand out. I can’t help but feeling like a couple of tracks are crying out for a rapper feature verse from someone like Juicy J to mix things up but overall I really liked it. What more can you really ask from a free mix.

Download or listen to it below…