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Nardwuar has Desiigner in stitches in his latest interview

Witness his never ending range of vocal sound effects

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How much do you really know about Desiigner? Having blown the fuck up last year with ‘Panda’ and making it to XXL’s 2016 Freshman list, he’s well known as a master of turning up. But on a personal level? Who really is the 19-year-old Brooklyn signee to GOOD music?

Well, who better to dig that bit deeper than our longtime fave Nardwuar? After a crazy performance at the Pot of Gold music festival, which saw the audience climbing on stage, Desiigner diving off it, and a crowd so rowdy they had to shut it down, the 15-minute  clip definitely dials it back.

Just after a minute in, Desiigner reveals he never had a bed growing up as kid, and it goes deeper from there. Take a look in the gallery above and be sure to suss the classic ending because seriously, his take on the ‘doot doot’ should win an award.

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