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So after last week’s clip of Tyler, the Creator and Vince Staples going head-to-head on radio, we decided Staples needed his own talk show. That might not be on the horizon just yet for the 23-year-old rapper, as he is reportedly working on his sophomore album right now but we’ve got the next best thing. The GOAT interviewer Nardwuar gives us 11 minutes of Staples gold, covering near death experiences to his hatred of the Microsoft Encarta start up music.

Unlike most Human Serviette interviewees, Staples is less surprised by his gifts and is highly critical of Nardwuar’s choices instead. That doesn’t mean it’s not all love, in fact, he is so keen on the ‘doot doo’ that he jumps the gun on Nardwuar’s catchphrase several times. See the interview with Joy Division’s no.1 fan in the gallery above, and be sure to stay tuned until the end for a life-saving fashion tip.

Weekly updates