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It’s a good time for good music and yet another eagerly awaited project is finally set to drop. Bishop Nehru and MF DOOM’s collaborative album under the joint moniker NehruvianDOOM will be released on October 3, fulfilling the increasing thirst of fans everywhere. 12 months in the making, NehruvianDOOM will feature vocals and production from both talents. We all know about DOOM’s pedigree but 17-year-old Nehru has been hailed as the ‘future of music’ by the GOAT Nas, so the bar is set pretty high on this record and we have a feeling that we’ll be completely impressed. And if the cover artwork looks familiar, that’s probably because you’ll recognise the style of the artist, GhostShrimp, who illustrates for the acid-trip cartoon series Adventure Time.

Pre-order NehruvianDOOM here.

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