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Photography by Michelle Grace Hunder

There are few things more maddening than people who move into the ‘vibrant’ inner suburbs of Melbourne only to lodge complaints with the council about neighbouring venues with live music. (Which is kind of big part of what makes an area actually vibrant.)

If you’ve ever had your favourite spot succumb to noise complains and shut down, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Victorian Planning Minister¬†Matthew Guy will this week be signing off on some changes to planning regulations.

These agent of change rules will shift the responsibility for noise mitigation from venues themselves onto new housing developments, particularly those planned to be within 50 metres of music venues.

“This means beloved pubs and clubs that are home to live music in Victoria will not be forced to close due to noise complaints from those in new apartment buildings or new houses next door,” Guy told The Age.

These new regulations also come with a $500,000 state government fund to help properly soundproof venues that exist in heritage buildings.