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Weekly updates

Paz has yet again pulled off a hilarious prank against a spoilt blonde celeb (see: Paz steals Paris Hilton’s birthday cake and gives it to the homeless). He has now put his own CD inside cases disguised as Justin Bieber‘s new album, BelieveHe created 5,000 copies of his album, From the Bottom of my Heart to the Top of Your Lungs, and planted them in stores around LA. The only difference (apart from the music) being that his CDs have pictures of internet sweethearts: cats, pizza and Doge. Wow. Such funny. Very prank.

Paz claims this prank to be retaliation against big name stores who don’t support independent music: “… we turned stores like Best Buy and Walmart into artistic canvases by droplifting our art directly into the hands of consumers. If retailers make it impossible for unsigned artists to get into big box stores, we’ll just force our way in.”

But does he really want to market his music to Justin Bieber fans? I mean, seriously. 


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