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ICYMI, Rick Ross was revealed as Rolling Stone’s new advice columnist, taking over from previous Agony Aunt, and apparent life guru, Ozzy Osbourne. Now a few sessions in, we can see some of the pearls of wisdom Rozay has been dropping on the participants of ‘Ask A Boss.’ As expected, many of his responses are not what you would expect from your average therapist – i.e. encouraging cheating on school assignments and your girl, if you can get away with it – but you can’t really hate on him for keeping it real. And, I mean, you don’t get to be at Rick Ross level without acting on said boss advice. Take a look at some of my personal favourites below and check out the full columns via Rolling Stone (parts one, two and three).

On whether you can get away with dating two women:
Oh, most definitely. Believe me, it’s possible. If you’re determined, yo can do it. You’ve just got to become very, very charming. Ha!

On the struggles of being a big dude in the dating game:
Most definitely, I ran into some stumbles. Being a big guy, you face certain challenges. Over time, though, women found excuses to find me attractive. Just keep pumping your fuckin’ fists in the air. They’ll find reasons to fuck with you. Take it from me.  

On how ladies can deal with misogyny in hip-hop:
Always remember that you’re bigger than hip-hop. You’re a queen. Listen to the music that makes you happy, and never forget that you’re the most precious thing we have. You come first and foremost.

On how much appearances count towards being a boss:
Being a boss is much deeper than that. It can be the brokest dude in the beat-up car who’s the real boss. It’s not about money or status. It’s about heart. Right now I’m wearing a gold Rolex that Drake gave me two Christmases ago. It’s my second time wearing it. But even when I wasn’t in the position I’m in today, I always had my ambitions, and I always took responsibility. That’s who the boss is.”

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