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Pip Millett: When Everything is Better, I’ll Let You Know

Ahead of her upcoming Australian shows, we caught up with the UK singer-songwriter to talk about her artistic journey so far, as well as the process behind her tremendous debut album.

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Since bursting onto the global music scene in 2018 with her massive breakout hit ‘Make Me Cry’, Pip Millett has gone from strength to strength as an artist. Most recently, Millett has taken her radiant vocals abilities to new heights, treating her growing fanbase to her debut album, When Everything Is Better, I’ll Let You Know. Thematically, the project explores her tormentous experiences with heartbreak and loneliness, pairing them with her warming lyrical expressions and luminous rhythmic cadence.  

Across her discography, it is evident that Pip’s strengths lie in her ability to portray vulnerability, making her a recognisable source for emotional connection and relatability. When indulging in this project, it becomes apparent that she has mastered the notion of making one feel seen, especially on tracks, ‘Happy No More’ and ‘Heal. As she delves into the trenches of universally familiar feelings of hurt and states of depression, Pip simultaneously guides the listener through her journey of growth and self-discovery. Allowing this project to offer a refreshingly objective balance to understanding our inner selves and the ebbs and flows of encountering joy and sadness. 

With an upcoming Australian tour fast approaching, Acclaim recently had the opportunity to touch base with the soulful songstress to uncover more about Pip’s artistic journey and the process of completing her debut album.

You began dropping music in 2018; what type of artist development were you doing before then?
I studied music at high school, college and university. Before any official release, I recorded a few songs here and there that might still be on Soundcloud. I was working out what kind of music felt the most like me. 

Your debut album When Everything Is Better, I’ll Let You Know beautifully encapsulates what feels like a raw, stripped-back conversation with yourself, someone else and whoever may be listening. How do you feel now that it’s out into the world and pieces of yourself are being indulged by so many?
I’m happy that it’s finally out there! The response has been great so far, so I’m thankful! It’s sometimes a bit hard knowing that there’s so much of me out there, but I guess that’s part of what I do, and it’s nice that people can connect.

The album carries several themes that revolve around heartbreak and sadness. What did the process look like for you having to convert those personal experiences and feelings into music that resonated with you as an artist?
The process always starts with me at home and a guitar. Eventually, I end up in the studio. For most of the songs on the album, I worked with producers I already knew and trusted. However, there were some new producers involved too. A lot of it is about me being vulnerable in the studio, I guess.

In what ways did the writing process act as a way of healing, for some of those emotions?
The same way that talking about your problems can help – you can find clarity in writing things down.

You wrote on your IG that you hope those who listen to the album hear the growth in the stories you’re telling. How would you describe your growth over the span of your career so far?
It’s been a journey. I’ve grown in confidence, and learned a lot more about what I like, in music and in life.

After listening to the project top to toe, you’ve definitely experimented with both old and new sounds. Where did you derive inspiration from, sonically speaking?
Like you say, listening to and incorporating old and new sounds. In more recent times, I’ve listened to new music more often, but I’ve always been an old soul, so I still like to go back to the old stuff on a regular basis. I like blending bits of both in my music.

Pre-album release, you dropped a string of singles that began in March this year. Why did you pick those 6 songs to release before the rest of the album?
Really it was as simple as having to pick some tracks to lead into the album. Some of them I thought were stronger and more attention-grabbing like ‘Ride With Me’, and some of them I thought encapsulated where I was at in life, like ‘Heal’. 

We heard you’re planning a visit to Australia soon! What are you most excited about for your trip down under?
I’m excited to see who turns up to the gigs! It will be nice to get some sun too and see some places I’ve never seen.

As an artist, what do you hope to achieve in the coming year?
I’d love to do some more collaborations and work with some new producers too. I’m generally looking forward to getting back into the studio and writing more songs!

Follow Pip Millet here for more and stream the debut album When Everything Is Better, I’ll Let You Know here. Plus, check out Pip Millett’s Australian tour dates below – tickets are available here

Weds Jan 18 – Melbourne 170 Russell
Thurs Jan 19 – Brisbane – The Triffid
Fri Jan 20 – Sydney –  The Metro Theatre

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