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Stay Trippy is an album best enjoyed while throwing bandz on a stripper’s ass cheeks or cruising through the hood in a Buick blowing loud pack. So Team Juicy J and the creatives behind Built Bye E&E came up with the brilliant idea to let you have the first listen to this long-awaited continuation of Bandz A Make Her Dance in a virtual strip club.

Juicy J

First rule of the game: Don’t let the strippers touch the floor. Keep throwing stacks with the space bar. And you may want to turn off the sound effects. The constant sound of ass claps makes it hard to hear the Juicy J tracks you’re unlocking. Show Out featuring Jeezy and Big Sean came on and put me on a 50-stack roll.

Juicy J 0 fb

Make sure you hit the piles of money to keep your bandz flowing. But if you hit a paint can, you can start throwing paint at these strippers. And that really takes this club to another level. By now I’m listening to the second song featuring Wiz Khalifa, and this one also features a thugged-out Chris Brown.

game over

So I spent an impressive number of racks at the Juicy J Stay Strippy Strip Club. But as I approached 200 stacks, I grew fatigued.  Most dudes in the top 20 are in the six-figure range, and I’m not about that life. But I did unlock all the tracks and enjoy the album. Play it here.