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Prequel’s Top 10 artists to see at Freedom Time

Reasons to party at the Velodrome this New Years Day

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Prequel has been a pretty solid fixture in Melbourne’s music scene for a minute, providing the perfect soundtrack to some of the city’s best club nights, as well as dropping a bunch of his own, equally impressive, original works. To help bring in the new year, Prequel will be playing at Freedom Time at the Coburg Velodrome on NYD, alongside some seriously class acts. We’re already sold on how we’re going to be spending the first day of 2017, but if you’re still undecided, Prequel runs through the other artists he’s keen to witness at the Velodrome on January 1.

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  • Photo credit: Tom Blachford

01. 30/70

If you have not seen them live you should certainly do so. Somewhere between jazz, neo-soul, spoken word and something else, these guys and girls are super tight and each time I see them live they get better and better. Roll one up.

02. Harvey Sutherland and Bermuda

Old mate Harvey can do no wrong in my opinion. His live shows are a burst of proto disco/house energy with the complexities of a formal jazz trio minus the chin-strokeyness. Graeme is a metronome on drums (and so much more) and Tamil is Jean-Luc Ponty reincarnate on the strings. I dare you not to dance.

03. DJ Jnett

What can you say about the best DJ in Australia, if not the world. Any genre, any time, always flawless. Add to this that she is an absolute legend of a human and has one of the best smiles going round and you can’t really go wrong can you. She will mix songs you didn’t know existed into genres you said shouldn’t be mixed together. If you don’t know, prepare to be converted.

04. Krakatau

Admittedly, I have not seen them live but you hear enough buzz around town from people you trust and eventually you just gotta go see it for yourself. If their recent record Tharsis Montes/Apogean Tide is anything to go by, I guess I would expect some kind of George Duke/Cortex lovechild/mutation, which sounds absolutely fine by me.

05. Wax ‘ O Paradiso

Simon, Andy, and Edd stay killing it with rare bits, fun bits, and classics. Always paying great attention to detail with sound production, set design, costumes, stickers, two turntables and one fine rotary mixer. Hosts of some of the best parties in Melbourne, take in your dose of excellent b2b2b action with the boys.

06. Theo Parrish

Had to mention the man himself, of course. Theo can (and will) take you anywhere and everywhere before you even know how you got there. Come with an open mind, stay for uncontrollable audience ass shaking and pure enthusiasm and joy from one of Detroit’s finest.

07. Cazeaux O.S.L.O

One of the most beautiful people the Melbourne music community has ever had the pleasure to accept as one of our own. Cazeaux is the host with the most, a beast behind the beat machine and a super fine MC. Show me another host with this much charisma, I’ll wait.

08. Millú

You may have heard her on RRR, or seen or play at Boney, Daydreams or a Wax’ O party or two, but Millú is all of those things and so much more. A new DJ to the scene and already making big tings happen, Millú will open your eyes (and ears) to sounds from afar. Expect to hear a lot of “what the f&^% is this track it won’t come up on my Shazam”.

09. Pjenné

Her record collection has been growing and lurking away from the general public for some time but thankfully she recently made the jump to share them with us all, and boy should we be thankful. A pocket-rocket of energy, hugs and good vibes all round, all the time, Pjenné will show you how to have a good time behind the decks and spin you into a “dance with a total stranger and fall in love” frenzy.

010. Raaghe

The man of many names, many styles and many smiles. Reggie Email always keeps you bouncin’. Expect to be drawn into the unexplainable aura of the king of Melbourne’s club/party/good times scene.