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The Versace lord (also known as Riff Raff to all the plebs out there) recently announced that his big sophomore album Peach Panther is well and truly on its way. While we were treated to the first taste of what’s in store when Raff graced us with the hard-hitting ‘Judo Chop Freestyle’ earlier in the year, there hasn’t been much news about the release beyond that until now.

According to TMZ, who revealed footage of Riff Raff leaving the studio in LA, Young Jody Highroller has been chopping it up with some big names. From what can be understood (which is kind of difficult as the dude is on his way to the “codeine castle”), Raff reveals “Drake might come through” on the new album, along with “Wayne”, before mentioning that he’s already locked in Bieber for a feature. While all is not for certain, if this is any indication of whats to come, Peach Panther is going to be large. Fun fact: Riff was supposed to appear on Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late but in his freestyle, he mentions the mixtape is so good, Drake could charge for it. Drake wound up charging for it so rather than be called out on his own release, the rambling verse was cut. Looks like we finally have another chance to hear the duo in tandem.

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