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I have to admit, I kind of love RiFF RAFF. I’m not sure if it’s his shameless eccentricity, or his bright blue dilated eyes, but RiFF RAFF gets me and I think I get him. However, it somewhat surprises me that the music industry seems to actually be taking him seriously.

The white trash wizard has worked with the likes of Action Bronson, Chief Keef, and Lil B, and now it’s been confirmed that he’ll be spitting rhymes and trading style tips with both Drake and A$AP Rocky.

Rumours started to fly when RiFF RAFF tweeted Drake and his producer Noah “40” Shebib, “SENDiNG MY VERSE OVER TODAY”. Drake later posted a photo of RiFF RAFF and himself to Instagram and the magical truth started to set in. When RiFF RAFF let loose a photo of he and A$AP Rocky on his insty account with the caption “NEW SONG WITH ASAP ROCKY ViDEO DROPPiNG iN JUNE”, the internet pretty much exploded. His publicist has since confirmed that the rumours are in fact true, and that RiFF RAFF should soon achieve world domination. Whilst the world domination part might not be entirely true, for a man who once wrote a rhyme about “panda, parmesan, porridge” these collabs are a pretty big step up.

One of the most fun and most bizarre rappers around these days, I have a strong feeling that RiFF RAFF is actually the ultimate troller and when he gets home after a long day of chewing tobacco and making stencils for his facial hair, he takes off his costume, puts on some slippers, and laughs at all of us for letting it happen.