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SELECTS: Dabs Myla – Music To Travel To by Acclaim Magazine on Mixcloud

As part of ACCLAIM #28 – The En Route Issue – we asked our featured contributors to curate a playlist of their ten perfect road trip tracks. Check out this mix courtesy of internationally renowned art duo Dabs Myla, of SDM and Seventh Letter infamy. You can grab a copy of Issue #28 for the full feature.
When you’re travelling it’s not always the things that go well that stay with you, sometimes the frustrations and challenges are just as fortuitous as the glossy postcards and tropical beaches. For Dabs and Myla it was the ultimate traveller’s frustration, the stranded flight, that led them down a path that’s been defining their work ever since. Since that day the couple have rebranded themselves as DABS MYLA, a single artistic collective that works collaboratively on pop-culture infused, nostalgia-ridden, architectural inspired visual meditations.

Favourite holiday destination?

Last year we travelled to Paris for no other reason than to relax and get romantic!

Weirdest thing that has happened while travelling? 

We’re not sure, a lot of weird things happen everywhere we go. It’s hard to put a finger on what would be the weirdest!

Greatest thing that has happened on the road?

Years ago while we were visiting the States for the second time together we decided we loved it so much here that we would move here. We were so inspired by the country, the people, the culture and especially Los Angeles that we decided to make it our new home.

The thing that you miss most about home when you’re abroad?

Definitely our family and friends.

Packing essentials? 

iPod with a double jack for two headphones, toothbrushes and skinny alien nozzles!