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Weekly updates

Sidewalk Soundsystem is a creative arts project in Brisbane that ‘brings underground music to the people’. Speaking to one of the curators Jad Dapat, he says it reminds him of the stories of Bob Marley and the Wailers’ early days in Jamaica. No radio station would play their music, being too involved with what was popular in the US and UK, so they put speakers on their trucks and drove around Kingston playing their tracks.

“We got shut down a couple of times by the council, and once by the police,” says Jad, and they were even pelted with eggs by the people in the near-by apartments.

But proof of Brisbane’s desire for good music is that the project is steadily growing, and drawing larger crowds. Free from the pretension of clubs and everything that comes along with music venues and drinking, it’s for people that ‘really just dig music’ – and as you can tell from the video, some rather bemused passers by.

“It’s like tapping into that old Jamaican culture, which is now world-wide,” says Jad, “There’s heaps of Street Soundsystem’s going on around the world – Brazil, Germany, Angola – everywhere! It’s time for Australia to partake on that world culture.”

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