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Asap Rocky is one of the biggest rappers of this past decade. Breaking onto the scene with his LiveLoveAsap mixtape, he’s gone on to deliver hits like ‘F*ckin Problems’ and *Everyday’, along with two incredible albums in the form of LongLiveAsap and A.L.L.A.

As we await his new album Testing, it only made sense to venture back into his catalogue, and compile a list of his 6 most underrated tracks that represent his artistic excellence. So, sit back and prepare for a dive into Rocky’s deep cuts.

01. LVL


If I had to think of one song to represent Asap Rocky, it would be ‘LVL’. Featuring the signature, atmospheric sounds of Clams Casino, ‘LVL’ is the epitome of braggadocio that we’ve grown to love about Rocky. This track perfectly blends Houston-drenched style of the production with Rocky’s New York swagger. Lines like “Thousand dollar draws just to hold my balls, all I ever do is let my jewels sag” are gems to this day. Coming off his debut album LongLiveAsap where he made a conscious attempt to corner the mainstream, ‘LVL’ serves as a testament to his classic mixtape days.

02. Max B


‘Max B’ is one of the darkest tracks Rocky’s ever created, and one of the highlights of his psychedelic sophomore album A.L.L.A. Boasting a dystopian, blood-rushing beat courtesy of Hector Delgado, and a hauntingly lo-fi hook from Joe Fox, Asap Rocky contemplates his wrongdoings. The very faults that could have landed him in the same position as Max B: a rapper who is currently serving a 75 year prison sentence. While songs like ‘L$D’ off A.L.L.A take you out of this world, ‘Max B’ is a daunting reality check.

03. Demons


‘Demons’ is a reverb-soaked, low key anthem from Rocky’s LiveLoveAsap mixtape. Produced by right-hand man Clams Casino, it features Rocky delving into his personal issues and drug use, as he seeks a way to escape his demons. The production resembles an Enya track but with hip-hop drums, and Rocky finds duality as he switches between aggressive flows on the verses and faint singing on the hook. It’s unique, it’s catchy and it’s the sound that caused Rocky’s rise.

04. Pharsyde


‘Pharsyde’ is probably the best example of Rocky’s psychedelic rock influence, his New York origins and his infatuation with southern hip-hop. The song features time-warped, fuzzy guitar samples produced by Dangermouse and another eerily lo-fi hook from Joe Fox, which then finds itself integrated within Rocky’s personal lyrics and tuned down vocal inflexions. The verses feature Rocky rapping about growing up in Harlem, and the bridge features him practising his Tame Impala-esque falsetto. With sounds that venture out of his comfort zone, ‘Pharsyde’ is one of Rocky’s most innovative and ambitious songs to date.

05. Keep it G


‘Keep It G’ signifies a great time in hip-hop. Riff Raff and Action Bronson were collaborating, Hot Sugar was producing some of the most interesting hip-hop out and ASAP Rocky and SpaceGhostPurrp were a tight-knit force to be reckoned with. This song was essentially peak cloud rap, as the beat swirled through a series of soft bass tones and a dreamy saxophone sample. Rocky, Chace and Purrp juxtaposed this, with hard-hitting bars about staying true to your gangsta. Although Purrp and Rocky are no longer friends, this song remains an underrated anthem.

06. Canal St.


Canal St. may be one of Rocky’s best songs to date, demonstrating his skills in storytelling and overall wordsmithery. Featuring the enigmatic L.A rapper Bones, ‘Canal St’ is a gripping narrative about the street life with a soundtrack of lo-fi piano samples, minimalistic bass and Asap Ferg adlibs. Bones’ hook is eerie and monotone to the point of discomfort (the hook and piano are derived from Bones’ song ‘Dirt’). Rocky contrasts this with a strong, passionate flow. Asap Rocky may best be known for his bangers like ‘Wild For The Night’ and ‘Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2′, but ‘Canal St.’ is a perfect example that there’s more depth to his artistry.