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Weekly updates

You may be forgiven for feeling a little intoxicated by listening to Electric Sea Spider. Whilst remaining sophisticated and perfectly crafted – his beats are also humorous – using samples and asides that wink the listener with their off kilter charm.

Melbourne-based Jim Sellars (with his keyboard he ‘found in a bin’) is known for his mixtape Mohican Beats released through Mine All Mine Records in 2010 that combines ambient electronic soundscapes and post-rock hip-hop vibes that are somehow dressed in a feathered headdress. Part of imperative party crew THIS THING (alongside Galapagoose and Wooshie) Electric Sea Spider is dropping a full-length album on November 27th available in digital format. Ahead of the release we ask him some SMALL TALK about whats behind the much awaited Supercash.

My name is… Jim

I live in… Melbourne, with two drummers.

My LP is called… Supercash

Some of the things that inspired it are… rap, animal noises, TV.

It’s cover art looks like… hopefully what the album sounds like! My friend Hamishi did an amazing job.

My favourite track is… either Mustachio or Armani Slums.

The person I can imagine listening to it is… the Boyfriend Club.

My favourite mixtape would include… only skits and shout-outs.

When I’m not making music I… go get called a ‘whippersnapper’ at my job.

The last thing I downloaded was… Cat meow effect #2 that I ripped from Youtube.

The next project I’m working on is… another EP, and in talks to work with one of my childhood idols, but too early to say yet!

Check out the first track from the album Armani Slums below and grab Mohican Beats here.