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Friendships create music they’ve described as “post-apocalypse grave-rave” and there’s nothing that comes to mind that more appropriately describes the vinyl-dust-thud underneath their beats and garage-inspired sampling with its distinctive long-range vocal loops and intense echo. Their latest single, ‘When I Feel Like Killing, I Murder’, does nothing to dispel the ambiguous evil that gibbers incessantly behind every pulsing bass line and we’re hooked. What’s even better is their visuals which tap into the same unsettling sense of impending violence that never arrives. Their video for their aforementioned single is proof enough of this (peep it above). We took some time with member Misha who, presumably through black magic, communicated her answers verbally with text message stylings.

My name is… misha

By day I… coffee

By night I… edit videos/paint/go out dancinnnggggg

My favourite TV show is… Oz

The last movie I watched was… under the skin

The first album I ever bought was… 1t waz either aqua or five i can’t quite remember

The last was… ooo i think it must have been the harpoons, falling for you EP

If I wasn’t making art I would probably be… living in the bush with lyk 100 dogs

The best part of my latest video is… toms facial xxpressions, loox close there r sum g00d onez

The scariest moment in it is… probably the very last shot

It reminds my mum of… ok so i don’t remember this but she said it reminded her of this time when i was 5, i came home from school and slashed a drawing i did because it wasn’t perfect :\  wadddda creepy 5yr old

I’m addicted to… hugz

The best thing about touring is… all the people. all the walking. funny tattooz

The worst thing… $$$$

My perfect gig would involve… oh fuck, like, a totally packed sweaty dancefloor where no1 is giving any sorta fux. wild dancing gettzn spiritual aLL the luv everywhere :) and omg ive totalli always wanted2 crowd surf #dreamz

The first gig I went to was… mum took me to a cello when i was a kid

The most important thing on my rider is… liquor, i like to have a few lil shots b4 a set.

My hangover cure is… bed, bok[my dog], youtube, utorrent, jazz cigarettes, iced water

People always ask me… wait, so what is it exactly that you do?

If I could only eat one thing for every meal it would be… any of jessie’s curries.

My favourite youtube vid is… tutorials

My computer wallpaper is… that default blue on macs, i have 265 items on my desktop :s

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