Weekly updates:


Weekly updates

The West London based producer Stevie J, known as Funkineven, has been creating and playing some of the very best underground and experimental ‘groove music’ for nearly two decades. Combining hip-hop, classic electro and soul Funkineven has worked with the likes of Rosin Murphy and Fatima and produced remixes for Bonobo and Ikonika as well has releasing his own music through Apron and Elgo Records. We caught up with him for some small talk just before his first Australian tour.

Name:  FunkinEven aka S. Julien aka St. Julien aka Apron Records.

By day I…  Program drum machines.

By night I….  Program drum machines & play records to people.

My favourite TV show is…  Dating in the Dark

The last movie I watched was…  The Boy With Green Hair

The first CD I ever bought was…  I’ve never bought a CD :(

The last was….  I might have stole one though I was banned from HMV for something, Can’t remember haha.

If I wasn’t making music I would probably be…  Selling Clothes & selling what I can sell.

I’m addicted to….  Frequencies .

The best thing about touring is…  Getting Drunk :)

The worst thing about touring is…  Getting Drunk :(

When I get to Australia I can’t wait to…  Get Drunk :)

The last time I was in Australia I…  Never been

When I tour I like to…  Play new demo’s to people & test the waters + eating

The last thing I ate was…  African food mixed with West Indian food

My fave youtube vid is…  Check him out at 0.57mins haha http://youtu.be/TRoC6gx7V-c

My computer’s wallpaper is…  Outerspace

And for more Funkineven check his Facebook page here.