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Weekly updates

DJ Kutmah’s mixes and production carry the exact sound of a smoggy home recording studio. Beneath his filters, you can almost hear the thin hiss of a cassette player, smell the bitter spice of yerba mate brewing, and you can definitely see an L being lit up. His music, as well as his drawings and woodburns, carry a vast array of influences that segue between one another like faces moving through a vast street market. His pace on the 1’s and 2’s has that kind of smooth variety that immediately gives you the sense he’d be a treat to see live. Good news in that regard, he’ll be hitting Australia this Friday for a five-stop tour thanks to Red Bull Music Academy’s monthly Club Night series. RSVP for free here.

My name is… DJ Kutmah / Low End Theory / Brainfeeder / IZWID Records London

By day I… look for new beats to play out, make beats, drink yerba mate, and smoke green plant.

By night I… play the beats I found earlier that day while smoking more green plants.

My favourite TV show is… Of all time, The Cosby Show. In recent years, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The last movie I watched was… the Aussie cult classic Bad Boy Bubby!

The first album I ever bought was… Jane’s Addiction Nothing’s Shocking at age 12 on tape from Tower Records, Hollywood.

The last was… D’angelo’s Black Messiah on vinyl and Marc Moulin’s The Placebo Years

If I wasn’t making music, I would probably be… listening to it.

I’m addicted to… yerba mate. It gives me life!

The best thing about touring is… watching a room of people go from not trusting me to being my friend afterwards. [Laughs.]

The worst thing is… Crying babies on flights and people thinking I travelled half way across the world to take their requests.

My perfect gig would involve… open minded people, a good system, and some home grown!

The most important thing on my rider is… water and weed.

My hangover cure is… don’t drink too much, dummy!

People always ask me… how LA is. I haven’t been there for five years so I have no idea what LA is like anymore.

If I could only eat one thing for every meal, it would be… mangos!

My computer’s wallpaper is… this red filter blurry photo of artist brandy flower helping me set my art show in London in 2011.

My favourite YouTube video is… I don’t really mess with YT. My homie Chris P Cuts showed me this last night and I almost cried. This guy is amazing!!


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