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Weekly updates

Ahead of his up-coming  ‘Make Believe’ national tour (that’s the name of the tour, it’s not pretend or in his mind. This isn’t on some Tracy Jordan shit), Melbourne DJ/Producer Mat Cant answered a few questions for us, for our Small-Talk series.

Mat will be playing 9 shows across Australia throughout June to promote his new single Make Believe which will be coming out on Scattermusic in late July/early August.

My name is…. Mat Cant

By day I… DJ/Produce/Eat/Hussle.

By night I…. DJ/Produce/Eat/Hussle.

My favourite TV show is… The Wiener Circle.

The last movie I watched was… The Dictator (shit).

The first CD I ever bought was…  Blur Blur.

The last was…. Waka Flocka Flame Triple F Life.

If I wasn’t making music I would probably be… Working in a bar.

I’m addicted to…. Reebok Classics.

The best thing about touring is… The shows, hands down.

The worst thing is… The travel, especially the long drives.

My perfect gig would involve… You and some spiced rum.

The last thing I ate was… Pork Ribs.

My fave youtube vid is… At the moment I cant get enough of this little dude.

My computer’s wallpaper is… My Logo (that’s what’s up).

Tour Dates:
8th June – Waves – Wollongong NSW
10th June – Alhambra Lounge – Brisbane, QLD
15th June – Cant Say – Melbourne, VIC
16th June – Revolver Upstairs – Melbourne, VIC
21st June – Rocket Bar – Adelaide, SA
23rd June – Ambar – Perth, WA
29th June – World Bar – Sydney, NSW
30th June – Mackay Grand Suites – Mackay, QLD
7th July – Yahoo Bar, Shepparton VIC