Weekly updates:


Weekly updates

Second half of Sydney/Adelaide collaboration Collarbones, Marcus Whale, would be an elite weightlifter had the allure of the electronic music scene not called him; luckily for listeners (and other weightlifters, surely), it did. Ahead of the duo’s upcoming second album Die Young and gig at OutsideIN festival, ACCLAIM chats to him about touring, missing his partner-in-crime, Travis, and his current musical taste.

My name is… Marcus Whale aka honey, sugar, my darling, etc…

By day I… teach little kids how to play saxophone, clarinet and piano. I try to stay at least one lesson ahead.

By night I… am Sean Lockhart, gay, depraved R&B smoke machine party superhero.

The first CD I ever bought was… Spice Girls – Spice and Hanson – Middle of Nowhere. When I got over the Spice Girls I gave my CDs to a girl, Rachael, and there was some huge controversy because her mum thought she stole them.

The last was…. Swing Lo Magellan by Dirty Projectors. I wish I had something more indicative of my current listening habits to say, like the CD single for Leave (Get Out) by JoJo or something.

If I wasn’t making music I would probably be… an elite weightlifter.

The best thing about touring is… spending time with Travis.

The worst thing about touring is… having to say goodbye to Travis.

When I get to Sydney I can’t wait to… I live here!

The last time I was in Sydney I… I live here!

When I tour I like to… sample Asian dranks. The more artificial flavours and colours the better.

My power animal is… not a whale.

OutsideIN Festival