Weekly updates:


Weekly updates

Rufio is an up-and-coming beat maker from the suburbs of South Sacramento. Now living in LA and inspired by his quest to accomplish goals and search for truthful living, the young producer has created a fresh and hip-hop-leaning tape that invokes the idea of living your dream. Check out his SMALL TALK with us and the wonderfully shot promo video he created for For Lights.

My name is… Rufio aka Ru (AREYOU)

My new beat tape is called… For Lights

Some of the things that inspired it are… for me to create For Lights is the continuous search for the limelight in: the beautiful struggle of accomplishing goals; the search for truthful living and love; and fame. Whether it’s for personal satisfaction or for people to witness. At first I was just going to bang out beats and put it out, but as I got more into it, I wanted to build some sort of story with the beats. Almost like a soundtrack to a movie that hasn’t been produced yet.

I can imagine anybody with a goal or in search of something would relate to this beat tape. Even though there are no lyrics, the title and arrangement of play will paint their image of what they’re listening to.

The cover art is… simply what I explained above. The experience I went through definitely took action to perfect this project.

My favourite mixtape would include… right now would be Kendrick Lamar’s Section80. Anything from Kendrick Lamar I dig.

When I’m not making music I’m… dancing, tricking, and listening to music. I consider myself a student of my craft, so I’m constantly finding ways to better what I do in life.

The last thing I downloaded was… Lakim’s Esoteric EP. Hella old school vibe with that new school bang, if that makes sense. Good shii Lakim!

The next project I’m working is…
is called Don’t Trip it Slaps with Yae of Fly High. (Peep the homes out! FHOD! Yae is a dope rapper, hella funny and a homie of mine too!)

Download For Lights below: