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Weekly updates

If their is one thing to be sure of it’s that the Surecut Kids like to keep their plates full, when not touring Australia taking with them their four turntable and MPC routine or pushing out remixes, bootlegs and original production work the guys can be found exploring their creativity through outside projects. And now with the release of our latest mixtape Red Cup exclusively mixed by Mikey and Benjamin (a 50 minute set that showcases their love for a broad array of genres) we figured what better time to pull them aside from their busy touring schedule and hit them with a few quick questions to find out what makes the Surecut Kids tick. Red Cup is available for free download now and can found here.

My name is…. 

Benjamin: Benjamin

Mikey: Mikey Likey

By day I…

Benjamin: Work on music, drink coffee, skate, surf, walk my dogs and be a husband

Mikey: Work on producing remixes, original tunes, mixtapes, routines for shows, go surfing, and spend too much time on social media.

By night I….

Benjamin: During the week attempt to have as close to normal sleep pattern as I can, on weekends travel the country making people dance and get laid.

Mikey: Play shows as Surecut Kids all over this great country.

My favourite TV show is…

Benjamin: I’d have to say The Wire, in more recent times id have to say Homeland is pretty freaking good.

Mikey: So many great series these days but i’d have to say The Simpsons purely for it’s staying power. Still funny after all these years and it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve seen the episode. Solid gold!

The last movie I watched was…

Benjamin: We watched Snatch yesterday in our hotel while we were killing time in Sydney.

Mikey: Savages. It was a steaming pile of exploding douchey turdburger.

The first album I ever bought was…

Benjamin: My first cassette album was John Williamson, I was a little kid and when to his concert  and got a signed picture and everything. Now his music makes me nauseas. My first CD album was The Vandals

Mikey: The Proclaimers album. I was all about that shit in grade 4!

The last was….

Benjamin: Danny Brown

Mikey: Flume’s album.

If I wasn’t making music I would probably be…

Benjamin: being a Boiler Maker, that was my trade before our Dj’ing thang really took off. I think if music stopped working for me now I would do something more creative. Surecut Kids opened my mind to doing a passion for a job. Myself and two friends have started a little Tee Shirt label called Yorke, maybe that would be my new creative outlet.

Mikey: I used to be a graphic artist, so most likely I’d still be doing that. A creative job of some nature, i’d go crazy otherwise.

I’m addicted to….

Benjamin: Coffee, I love the shit!

Mikey: The ocean. I go in it every day when i’m at home. When i’m away for a few days i start to fiend for it.

The best thing about touring is…

Benjamin: The friends you gain, meeting rad people that never would be in your life if it wasn’t for traveling

Mikey: Getting paid to travel around with one of my best friends to play music that i believe in and seeing people have fun as a result.

The worst thing is…

Benjamin: Being away from my wife and dogs

Mikey: Sometimes you don’t get enough sleep. I like to sleep a lot. I usually make up for it by sleeping on every plane / car / train trip ever.

My perfect gig would involve…

Benjamin: a festival with an afternoon set, the sun is going down and shit tone of people enjoying themselves

Mikey: Friends at the venue, friends on the bill, good sound system, open crowd, and confetti.

The first gig I went to was…

Benjamin: John Williamson

Mikey: The Warped Tour Festival. I was a kid and i drank too much, spewed, passed out and missed almost the whole the festival. Just caught the end of Blink 182 though haha!

The most important thing on my rider is…

Benjamin: Beers, we aren’t picky dudes, just some beers to get us in the mood

Mikey: Light beers for killing several hours in a hotel room before each show. We realize how uncool it is to drink lights but we’ve also learnt that we perform much better when we are not smashed before the set.

My hangover cure is…

Benjamin: Coffee and a Big Breakfast

Mikey: Fruit salad, avocado and vegemite on toast, take a nap, do three shits and you’ll be back to life by about 3pm if it’s a bad one.

My fave youtube vid is…

Benjamin: At the moment probably the video where Danny Brown and A$AP Rocky interview each other. They need a reality show.

Mikey: Too many to list but there was a time when we used to get back after gigs and Benji would look up things like ‘trampoline disaster’ etc… That was always a good time!

My computer’s wallpaper is…

Benjamin: A photo I took in NYC back in March

Mikey: A photo of a pandanus tree that i took at the beach one day which went on to be the artwork for Paces, my other musical project.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
November 2012
Sat 10th  Beach Road Hotel, Bondi
Sat 17th Family Nightclub, Brisbane
Fri 23rd Electric Circus, Adelaide
Sat 24th Neverland Bar, Gold Coast

December 2012
Sun 2nd StereoSonic, Brisbane
Fri 7th  The Whalers Hotel, Warrnambool, Vic
Sat 8th Rats @ Brown Alley, Melbourne
Sat 15th Hilton Pool Party, Gold Coast
Sat 15th World Bar, Sydney
Sun 23rd Sunday Safari, Byron Bay
Wed 26th Neverland Bar, Gold Coast
Mon 31st The Bank, Townsville